Higher Education Overview

HY Architects has been providing planning and design services to Higher Education entities throughout California for 29 years. During this time, we have provided turn-key A/E services for virtually every type of project – from master planning, modernization and renovation to expansion of educational facilities. We fully understand the importance of being prepared and equipped to provide our services in a timely manner and on relatively short notice to enable educational institutions to meet critical, and at times unpredictable, time deadlines and schedules.

The educational environment for the 21st century must be accommodating and flexible as well. We must integrate technology into the core of our buildings and provide spaces for a variety of learning activities. For example, in some instances we must retain the traditional classroom, although this classroom can sometimes have the appearance of a conference or seminar room. And this room must be accessible to smaller work spaces for group projects.

We strive to provide all of this within a building that is still constrained by the “rules” of the old educational style. We make our buildings flexible by allowing for alternative means of gathering and collaborating in corridors and in breakout spaces while at the same time maintain the traditional classroom environment.