Fairmont Elementary

west contra costa unified school district

Fairmont Elementary School is a replacement design for a 50-year old campus hosting 600 Pre-K through 6th grade students – with a 10% special education population. 

It includes two-story classroom / administration wings, multi-purpose building and special education Pre-K / Kindergarten spaces. Non-traditional learning spaces were created through three themed outdoor learning gardens and incorporating “breakout” spaces as learning zones in corridors. Tactile surfaces are incorporated into the architecture as an instructional supplement for special education students.

This school is CHPS designed and includes solar shading, natural bounced light, thermal displacement ventilation, operable windows, local building materials, reduced building footprint, bike racks, minimized parking, flow-thru planters, collecting rainwater for garden and cool roofs.

location El Cerrito, CA
client West Contra Costa USD
sustainability CHPS Certified