South San Francisco High School

Genentech/south san francisco unified school district

The Science Garage, donated to South San Francisco High School by Genentech, is a state-of-the-art, 21st Century learning environment. The new 6,930 sf building is a specialized biotechnology science laboratory teaching space fully equipped for extensive education in the biotech field. The building includes a large garage door to allow the adjoining classroom / lecture space to be either separated (so that multiple classes can be taught at the same time) or opened up to provide a large, dynamic teaching space. This enables the facility to be used for both for a variety of class and group sizes as well as extending the community and educational opportunities beyond the normal school day and classes.

The main teaching spaces include human centric lighting, which provides variable light levels and color that supports people's normal circadian rhythm, helping to enhance concentration, provide better user control, and promote well-being. The adjacent Bio Manufacturing and Plant Tissue Room provides opportunities for expanding the educational curriculum to plant-based DNA investigations where the students participate in growing plants. By providing students with hands-on training and learning opportunities, the South San Francisco High student will be better-equipped to success in college and beyond.

location South San Francisco, CA
client Genentech/South San Francisco USD