Sustainability Overview: Clients and Services

HY Architects incorporates sustainable features in all of our designs. We examine and address energy conservation by reducing heating and cooling loads, increasing natural daylight to decrease reliance on electricity, and using recycled content materials. Sustainable work environments improve people’s performance and HY Architects is dedicated to supporting that premise.

We also believe in practical sustainability – solutions that will provide the owner with long-term cost savings and better workplace environments. We work closely with our clients to determine the level of sustainability they desire and assist them in evaluating all options including the first cost versus life cycle cost of investing in green solutions.

HY Architects’ design philosophy is centered on strategies for improving existing buildings using sustainable features that provide the most benefit for the least amount of cost and effort. Not every project requires the same sustainable solutions. We are excited by the new challenge that every project presents and identify solutions that are good for the environment and will pay benefits over the long-term.

representative clients 20+ California Public School Districts
California Division of the State Architect
California General Services Real Estate Division
Commercial Property Owners
Major Healthcare Systems/Organizations
State Housing and Local City Public Works Agencies


Energy Efficient Design LEED/CHPS Certification
Education and Learning Program Coordination Environmental/Health Impact Materials Selection
High-Performance Facilities Energy Modeling
Facility Optimization Strategies Building Commissioning Coordination
Sustainability Standards Review Daylighting / Lighting Analysis