Temecula Valley High School

temecula valley unified school district

HY Architects, in association with MGPA, designed a new culinary arts building and new two-story classroom building. Both buildings have been sited on the campus to establish a central quad.

The classroom building is 36,000 sf and includes 12 standard classrooms and eight state-of-the-art STEM/science classrooms. The new building was placed across from the existing science classrooms to create a STEM nexus on campus. The 2nd floor corridor, nicknamed “the street” is an all-inclusive learning environment; students have breakout spaces to work outside of classrooms, as well as expanded circulation

The culinary arts building is an 8,300 sf facility that includes: a full teaching kitchen, prep stations baking areas, a chef's cook’s area and a Captain’s Room. The adjoining culinary classroom includes technology for observing training and prep presentations on large monitors throughout the classroom from large demonstration teaching station. The new culinary academy building was situated adjacent to the Performing Arts complex and opens up into a new Plaza to create expanded venue for events. 

location Temecula, CA
client Temecula Valley USD